Bunddl, the SaaS solution for managing parcels in real time

The off-the-shelf, first to last mile delivery management solution delivering between 20 and 30% operational efficiency gains while reducing operating and administrative costs.

Manage, optimise and trace your logistics flows in real time

Bunddl is the benchmark for Mid & Last Mile Delivery management for logistics actors. It enables transport orders to be centralised then optimised, and to manage logistics performance in real time. Its mobile application is the tool par excellence for field actors depending on their profile: delivery drivers, couriers, warehouse consignees, and local pick-up locations.

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0 paper, 0 loss, 0 error

Secure transport flows

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Real-time monitoring of parcels and teams

They trace their logistics flows using Bunddl

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  • Time savings and greater productivity by going digital (0 paper, 0 error, 0 archiving)
  • Rapid familiarisation and accessible to all
  • Cost reduction
  • Use in off-line mode
  • Intuitive and touchscreen ergonomics suitable for smart phones

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